Pakistani Nurses and Midwives Association

Supporting Pakistani nurses and midwives across the UK


Supporting nurses and midwives through career development, cultural adjustments and mental well-being


Reach out to nurses and midwives and create a collaborative network with a sense of belonging


Engage with community groups and organisations with shared values and goals


Showcase and celebrate the accomplishments of Pakistani nurses and midwives across the UK


Who we are

PNMA UK is one of NHS England’s International Nursing and Midwifery Associations, dedicated to supporting nurses and midwives of Pakistani origin across the UK. It is a non profit organisation which aims to raise the profile of Pakistani nurses and midwives both within the profession and the wider community.

Meet the founders of

“We launched PNMA UK because we recognised that the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register has grown and become more diverse. As proud nurses of Pakistani descent, we felt it was important for the Pakistani Diaspora of Nurses and Midwives to be recognised for their valuable contribution to healthcare in the United Kingdom. PNMA UK provides the platform for this recognition as well as an opportunity to collaborate, network and support each other. These pillars form our core values.”

Shaida Ghazala Akhtar RGN and Zeba Arif RMN

Shaida Ghazala Akhtar

I am a Perioperative Theatre Nurse with over 40 years of experience of working in the NHS. I am passionate about inspiring, motivating and supporting nurses so they can develop their full potential. I am a workplace mediator and a restorative practice facilitator. I am also the Royal College of Nursing Chair for the Outer North East London Region. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening and cooking.

Zeba Arif

I retired 12 years ago from my post as Team Leader, Forensic Psychiatry. I have trained as a Registered Mental Nurse (RMN) and obtained a B.ScN in Enhanced Care in Mental Health. I have remained an activist for global majority nurses and an advocate for patients whose first language isn’t English. Currently, I am on the Steering Committee of the Royal College of Nurses Mental Health Forum.

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